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Gill-Marie’s Young Adult books are suitable for readers aged 12 upwards. They are about love – and friendship – and mysteries in today’s world.

… ‘for anyone who loves contemporary YA’ …’a very real edge‘ …’excellent tale of budding romance and action’

Music and Lies

MUSIC-AND-LIES cover BRAGIt started with a lie

At fifteen, George Wray knows she is far too old for family holidays. So she tells her parents one little lie. Which leads to her joining step-sister Becky at the amazing Forest Music Festival. And to meeting gorgeous, secretive Finn. Then having to tell one or two more lies…

Unfortunately, she isn’t the only one who’s lying.

For Finn the Forest Festival means unwelcome memories and dangerous deals. He’s worried about Beck and knows the last person she should have brought along is her pretty, naïve little sister. His plan was to keep his head down and leave everyone to deal with their secrets. But how can he do that now?

Bright Lights and Lies

BRIGHT LIGHTS LIES_FRONT2Big city, good times … right?

It’s the start of the summer holidays and George and Finn want to get together again – if their families will stop getting in the way. And if the truth doesn’t work, maybe a few white lies will help things along.

George wants to experience the excitement of a big city (and find out if she and Finn really are an item). Finn wants something to distract him from his fussy aunt and his memories.

They’ve got enough problems of their own, but somehow they can’t help getting entangled in other people’s – especially   when some people seem to be telling very big lies indeed.

No More Lies

NO MORE LIES_FRONT_150dpi copyTime to tell the truth?

Finn is not happy when dippy Aunt Lulu drags him off to spend Christmas on a community farm in the Scottish Highlands. Things look up when his girlfriend George joins them, though. Finn needs to start making some decisions about his life, but when abandoned dogs turn up on the doorstep, and Aunt Lulu starts revealing uncomfortable truths, it all gets a bit overwhelming …

George can’t sort out what is going on with her and Finn, so she concentrates on getting to the bottom of the mystery dogs. Impulsive and unpredictable as always, her actions lead her and Finn into danger once again.

No more lies: it’s time for George and Finn to tell the truth about their feelings and move forward. But will that be together or apart?

All three George and Finn books are now available to download.

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